Top 10 Reasons to Use a Travel Agent

by Spectacular World Travel & Events on August 27, 2012

Zoe Sparks, Spectacular World Travel, Spectacular Events“Without a Travel Agent You’re on Your Own” – this is one of the travel industry’s favourite quotes and is the current slogan for our industry body, AFTA. It’s also a quote which has been proven time and time again.

So here are my top 10 reasons as to why I believe you should always use a reputable travel agent, when booking your holidays!

1)      We’re a ‘One Stop Travel Shop’ – Travel Agents can handle all aspects of your trip, flights, accommodation, tours, car hire, cruises and more….

2)      Save Time – Travel Agents are experts and will do the time consuming work of planning your itinerary, no matter how complex. You will be given a variety of options to choose from without having to spend hours researching all the options

3)      Expert Travel Advice – Travel Agents are experts in their field. Not only will we give you travel suggestions, we will give advice on passports, visa requirements, travel insurance, currency options, customs/immigration, duty free etc.

4)      Up to Date Information – Agents are constantly updated on airline information, hotel options and travel advices on any ‘situations’ that may be occurring and also on numerous ‘specials’ that come into the market place. Use the knowledge that we have

5)      Best Value for Money Spent – Make your dollar stretch further by taking advantage of current travel offers, but also prices will be all-inclusive with no hidden extras (which can often by the case on internet bookings)

6)      Amendments/Cancellation Assistance – When changes need to be made, this is when things can get tricky, but not if handled by your travel agent

7)      Discounts – You may be eligible for senior, students of children’s discounts, and travel agents will advise on this. There are also a number of ‘stay/pay’ deals, and added bonuses or credits that may be on offer and you may not be aware of

8)      Documentation – Comprehensive information, details and documents will be given for all items booked, ensuring you have everything you need before you go

9)      Exotic/Unique Experiences – Recommendations can be given for once in a lifetime experiences and unique options that you might not be able to source yourself

10)   It Makes Sense to Use a Travel Agent – take advantage of their knowledge, expertise and first hand travelling experiences

When you’ve found a travel agent you can trust, you’ve made a friend for life!

Happy travelling!

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