Amazing Amazon

by Spectacular World Travel & Events on August 23, 2015

Sunrise in the Amazon


I have just completed the next stage of my exciting trip to South America, where we have spent three days in the heart of the Amazon. What an adventure!


We flew from Rio to Manaus, which is a city located in the centre of the Amazon. Manaus is home to 2 million people, can only be accessed by plane or boat (there are no roads in or out of the city), and we immediately took a half an hour canoe trip from Manaus to the Amazon Ecolodge, which is where we stayed for three days.

Hammocks at the Ecolodge Sunset in the Amazon







Our first afternoon was spent in the monkey forest and exploring the spectacular rainforest by canoe.


On our second day, we headed out for the day on the MV Desafio to see the ‘meeting of the rivers’ – this is where the Negro River meets the Solimoes River to form the great Amazon River. This is a phenomenon in that the waters of the Negro River are black and the waters of the Solimoes is white, and they flow without mixing for several kilometres, which is really something to see.

Desofia MV Children on the River in Manaus









We’ve also seen the most spectacular sunrise, went caiman spotting (similar to crocodiles/alligators), took a jungle hike where we experienced the natural forms of latex, citronella, cinnamon, aspirin etc, visited an Amazonian village and tried our hand at piranha fishing.

Village House Rubber Tyre making Grain Stirring


This is one spot that really the pictures say it all, hence why a lot more photos than words…. enjoy!

Turtles Parrot



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