5 Tips on What to Pack for a Summer Holiday

Summer Beach KATEMAXSTOCK-3145Summer holiday packing, I find, is often harder than for a Winter trip to a cold climate, mainly because there are lots more things to cater for or factor into the equation….. the beach or pool, sightseeing, sporting or adventure activities, nights out and comfortable, lazy days.

So here are my top five tips to packing for a Summer holiday:

  • Consider packing a couple of kaftans which can then serve as a beach cover-up but are also great for a night on the town after adding a couple of dressy accessories. These are light-weight, cool and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
  • Pack a straw hat and a beach bag. If your beach bag can be flattened it will make it easy to pack as part of your luggage but if not, consider as your ‘carry-on’ as you’ll then have your favourite bag without it taking up too much space. To pack a straw hat, fill the inside with scarves or soft t-shirts, then lie in your suitcase and pack clothes around so that it does not get squashed. This is a great tip that I picked up a couple of years ago by the fabulous Nikki Parkinson @StylingYou and it works a treat – thanks Nikki!


  • Pack your joggers as these can be used as comfortable walking shoes as well as for use during exercising. Also pack a set of exercise gear, as you never know when you might want to go for a bike ride or a hike and it’s good to be comfortable. Active wear is a staple in today’s world and definitely worth packing whether you’re a ‘gym junkie’ or not.

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  • Pack a variety of clothes to cover all options – kaftans, beach dresses, a pair of shorts, t-shirts and a wrap incase it gets cold in the evening (a good thing to pack in your beach hat!). Three quarter pants, loose shirts, flowy items that are easily dressed up or down, comfortable and don’t take up too much room are also great staples to build around. Also pack a couple of pieces of fun jewellery to brighten up a holiday outfit.
  • Don’t pack too many pairs of shoes – joggers or comfortable walking shoes, a pair of sandals and a pair of flip flops (thongs) are all that you need! Pick neutral sandals so you can wear them with everything. I’ve often been known to wear a pair of sandals to death whilst away and then dump then in the bin as I’ve arrived home…. easy!

Of course, don’t forget to pack your sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, moisturiser and of course a good book to read whilst you’re sipping on a cocktail and now you’re set!

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