5 Tips on What to Pack for a Winter Christmas Holiday

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Hands up who’s heading away for a Winter holiday over the next few months? If you’re heading to Europe for a traditional Christmas holiday, skiing somewhere amazing such as Canada, the USA or Japan, or heading to Times Square for a NYE trip of a lifetime, you’ll be starting to think about what to take and what to wear.

People often dread packing for a holiday in a cold climate, fearing that their bulky coats, jumpers and boots will fill the suitcase before they even properly start, but I actually find it easier to prepare for a Winter trip in comparison to a tropical Summer sojourn (and more on that next week!).

So here are my tips to help you with your winter holiday packing:

  • Think layers when preparing your clothes. The best way to keep warm is to layer up and these items are often less bulky and can easily be added or taken away depending on temperature fluctuations and indoor/outdoor conditions. Thinks vests or singlets under long sleeved tops or shirts and then a coat or jacket. Tights under trousers or pants can work well too if you are going to be in the freezing cold.
  • Pack a really good coat or jacket that is warm and weather-proof to keep out the wind and rain. Pick a black or dark colour shade so that it can be worn with anything and I always carry mine onto the plane with me so that it is not taking up valuable space in my suitcase. It’s also great for when you arrive at the other end of your journey and the cold hits you as you get off the plane which is always unexpected!
  • Take one good dress or evening outfit. Most days and nights it will be fine to wear black trousers, leggings and even jeans, which you can then dress up with an evening top, but one great dress can be perfect for a special night out or occasion where you want to be dressed up.
  • Shoes are easy for a Winter trip – all you need is a good pair of boots and a good pair of shoes, preferably in neutral colours. A pair of sneakers/trainers is the only other item you need and make sure that all of your shoes are comfy for lots of walking and sightseeing. No need to pack lots of sandals, flip flops/thongs or shoes for all occasions but make sure what you have is comfortable and can be worn day or night.
  • I tend to take mainly neutral coloured clothes (black, white, jeans etc) and stick to a couple of colours so that everything can be inter-changed to make up a range of outfits. Take a couple of pretty, bright scarves to jazz things up and these will help keep you warm and add a bit of flair. I always take gloves and a beanie or hat to keep my head warm too. These items may be small but can really dress up an outfit and keep you warm. If your hands, head and feet are warm, chances are the rest of you will be too.

So there you have my main tips for Winter holiday packing when you’re jet-setting to the other side of the world. Don’t forget your underwear, warm socks and a pair of swimmers (just incase!) as well as something warm to wear at night, and then you’re set! Oh, and plenty of moisturiser as moving between the outdoors and centrally heated indoors as well as the wind can play havoc with your skin!

Remember, you can always buy things when you get there if you need so don’t stress….. who doesn’t love a spot of shopping? And most importantly, have an amazing time!

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