Five Tips to Help You Survive a Long Flight

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It’s one of those times of year that people are travelling or about to travel all over the world for their Christmas holidays, to catch up with family, take their annual vacation or look into new adventures. Many of these will fly and whether you are travelling short or long distances, these tips will help you feel at your best when you arrive at the other end.

  • Possibly the most important tip of them all – stay hydrated. Plane travel can play havoc with your hydration levels so make sure you drink plenty of water and try and ease off the caffeinated and/or alcoholic drinks as these tend to make you feel worse.
  • Still on the topic of hydration, look after your skin by applying moisturiser and hand cream before you fly. Lip balm should be applied regularly and it’s graet to carry a face-mist to spray as you need. I always take a toothbrush and toothpaste too, or mints, as fresh breath makes you feel much better as you hop off the plane.
  • Pack a pair of socks and something to keep you warm. Airlines do provide pillows and blankets which is fantastic but gone are the days where you receive a full amenity kit if flying in economy class. Carry a pair of socks to keep your feet warm, and a shawl or wrap if you’re wearing short sleeves. Even if you’re travelling to a warm climate, the journey there is often not as warm as you would like.
  • Carry snacks or lollies, particularly if travelling with children. If you follow a strict health regimen or are travelling with dietary requirements, often plane meals will not be suitable. Many airlines have a range of ‘special meals’ – which need to be requested well in advance – but consider packing a few snacks for the trip to avoid any issues. A long plane ride without food of any sort is not ideal.
  • Set your clock to the time of your destination as soon as you board the plane and try to follow that time in regards to sleeping and meal times. This will help ease jetlag and is a great tip that has always served me well and makes it easier to adjust.

One last tip – travel socks or stockings are a fantastic addition to your plane wardrobe (even if they are not the most becoming!) if you are prone to fluid retention and/or your legs, ankles or feet ‘blowing up’. Do take time to walk around a little or do the foot and leg exercises recommended in most in-flight magazines. Not only is this good for your health, it may even save your life.

Happy holidays and enjoy your flight!

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