Enchanting Edinburgh (Revised & Updated)


My last post on Edinburgh was five years ago and I took great pleasure in re-reading and still stick by all that was written so much of the below is a report but very relevant for those interested in Edinburgh, and I know that you shall enjoy.

The important things to add are that this time we went inside Holyrood Palace and this is definitely worth a visit, and you’ll particularly love if you’ve been watching ‘Reign’ or some of the other historical drama series’ currently on offer.

We also experienced the Hogmanay Torchlight Procession which is held on 30th December each year. Words cannot even begin to describe this memorable and very special night, but if you are fortunate to be in Edinburgh at this time of year, make sure that you buy a ticket and participate as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity!


 So here it is……. Enchanting Edinburgh… enjoy!

Edinburgh is truly one of my most favourite cities in the world – quaint, elegant and sophisticated would be the words I use to describe Scotland’s capital, which is compact and easy to navigate. The city is steeped in history and tradition, and brimming full of amazing sights, wonderful festivals and events, great shopping and a wealth of heritage…. so much heritage in fact, the city was listed as a World Heritage Listed Site in 1995.


The cityscape consists of an ‘Old Town’ and a ‘New Town’. Both are worth exploring but take the opportunity to stay in the ‘Old Town’ if you are able, so that you can immerse yourself in the medieval culture and are free to wander aimlessly around the labyrinth of cobbled streets and tiny alleyways.

We stayed at the ‘Jury’s Inn’, a popular hotel that is situated just off the Royal Mile, the perfect location to base yourself. The Royal Mile is in the heart of Edinburgh and links the majestic Edinburgh Castle at the top, right down to the Palace of Holyroodhouse at the bottom.



The Royal Mile is home to terrific restaurants, pubs and eating places, and there is also fantastic shopping. Indulge in cashmere scarves, woollen sweaters and knits, buttery Scottish shortbread, Kendall Mint Cake and lots of other Scottish goodies… we even bought children’s bagpipes for my youngest son (interesting to say the least!).

There are a number of superb attractions along the Royal Mile including St Giles’ Cathedral, the Scottish Parliament Building and the Scottish Whiskey Experience, where you can lean all about the national drink and sample a dram or two at the end.

The most spectacular attraction without a doubt is Edinburgh Castle, which is situated high on a volcanic rock and overlooks the whole city, still standing guard. There is so much to experience in the Castle, you’ll be happy to spend hours there… journey back in time to see where Mary Queen of Scots was born, witness the firing of the cannon which is done ceremoniously at 1.00pm every day, and take a look at the stunning Scottish Crown Jewels.

The Military Tattoo is a world famous event that is held each August at Edinburgh Castle. Almost 220,000 people watch this event each year which is incredible.

The history is fantastic and you will enjoy, whether you are a history buff or not, but there is a wealth of other things to see and do too.

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