Loveable London

IMG_0780London is one of my favourite cities – it always has been and always will be. I love the pomp and ceremony, grandeur, famous landmarks and rich history. Nothing beats a good pub meal, preferably bangers and mash, fish and chips or a delicious pie, and I can spend hours shopping in some of my favourite stores in this vibrant city.

I’ve been fortunate to have visited London on a few of my travel adventures, so this time we decided to explore and check out a few spots we haven’t seen in recent years having spent the last couple of visits taking in all the famous monuments, landmarks and sights. If you want more info on these spots, please check out my former blog (search for Lively London or Unrivalled UK for more info!) IMG_0897

This time, we walked for miles which was absolutely fantastic; checking out the quaint shops and markets in Carnaby Street, revelling in the pubs, cafes and trendy shops in Covent Garden and browsing in the eclectic shops and area of Notting Hill. Our walks also took us along The Strand, mingling with the rich and famous at the Savoy Hotel, and through the magnificent Palace, park and gardens of Kensington Palace. This was my first visit to Kensington Palace and it was brilliant to see, stepping out also into the beautiful Orangery and sunken gardens where Prince Harry and Meagan Markle recently had their engagement photos taken. We also spent a great day at the Tower of London.

IMG_0832 IMG_0842

One morning was an absolute stand-out, we decided to visit the Harrods Food Hall, and never wanted to leave! If you haven’t visited before, then make sure you do, it’s fine living and delectable food at its best. Watch the coffee beans as they are roasted and ground, create your own blend of tea by mixing together herbs, flowers and other tea ingredients and lift the glass domes in the spice section to inhale the luxurious aromas of pungent spices and blends. The meat, fish and seafood counters are amazing; taste the caviar (a bargain at GBP85 for 50g as the starting price!) and immerse yourself in cheese heaven, not to mention the cakes, pastries and prepared meals…. the list goes on and on. I’m sure you get the picture!  IMG_0867

One evening, we went to the theatre to watch a classic show, ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, and walked through the vibrant Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. The Christmas lights along Oxford Street and Regent Street were out of this world and a very special highlight of our trip.




The main highlight, however, of our few days in London was dinner at the Coppa Club along the river bank near to Tower Hill. During November to February, they have a handful of igloos built and set up along the River Thames where lucky people get the opportunity to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner. Catering to a maximum of eight in an igloo at any one time, demand is extremely high, and they need to be booked as soon as reservations are released in early October. Our dinner overlooking Tower Bridge, the Shard and the River Thames was outstanding and I highly recommend trying to get in if at all possible, if available. IMG_0687

As you can tell, our four days in London was jam-packed and fantastic. The Christmas atmosphere made it particularly endearing and we had an amazing time. London, there is no doubt that we shall again return…. until then!



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